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PterocarpussantalinoidesandFicuscarpensisleaves are common vegetables in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The comparative proximate analyses were carried out on the dry leaf samples using standard method. The result of the proximate analysis of Pterocarpussantalinoidesleaf showed the percentage (%) composition of ash, moisture, crude fibre, protein, fats/oil and carbohydrates contents to be 6.50 ± 0.024, 9.0± 0.89, 40.50±2.59, 8.85±0.01, 2.35± 0.77 and 32.80± 3.13 while that of the Ficuscarpensis leaf were 12.25±0.07, 9.49±0.33, 10.05±0.28, 3.34±0.06, 5.36±0.29 and 60.47±2.90 in both samples respectively. This showed that Ficuscarpensisleaf is richer inash, fats/oil and carbohydrates contents whilePterocorpussantalinoides leaf is richer in crude fibre and protein contents.

Proximate analyses
Pterocorpussantalinoides leaf
dry samples and comparative analysis.
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