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Drug addiction is one of the major health challenges across the globe. The rate at which youths engage in drug addiction, especially among the abandoned children is gradually becoming increasing, and thereby affecting the economic and national development. Addiction is a negative health behavior of people that has ability to threaten the total wellness. Studies have confirmed that more than 400 abandoned children were rescued in the city of Lagos in 2012. Though, there have been several studies on drug addiction generally, there is dearth of such among abandoned children, particularly in Nigeria. It is therefore, concluded that governments at all levels should discourage the use, sale, trafficking and recycling of illegal drugs. The following recommendations were made, that regular enlightenment should be given to the public, particularly mothers on the heinous crimes of child abandonment and that culprits should be sentenced to jail, governments should ban smoking in public places. 

Drug addiction
Child abandonment and its Effects
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