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The present research work aims the synthesis of an azo polymeric conjugate using pectin with phenylalanine and preparation of compression coated tablets of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) using the synthesized conjugate. The azo polymeric conjugate was synthesized using pectin, phenyl alanine and other co-processing reactants. The resulting azo conjugate was evaluated for colour, percent yield, melting point, Rf value, solubility, spectral analysis and single dose acute toxicity studies. Compression coated tablets of 5-fluorouracil were prepared using this conjugate and subjected to various evaluation parameters like weight variation, hardness, thickness and friability. The stability studies of tablets were conducted at different conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Finally in-vitro dissolution studies of tablets were performed in simulated gastric fluid, simulated intestinal fluid and a dissolution medium containing rat fecal contents. The tablets exhibited no release in simulated gastric as well as simulated intestinal fluid but an appreciable release in the dissolution medium containing rat fecal contents; indicating the colon specific nature of synthesized azo polymeric conjugate.

Colon targeted drug delivery
Azo conjugates
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