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Rice improvement for drought tolerance requires reliable assessment of drought tolerance variability among segregation population. The present study was undertaken to study the genetic variability among different drought tolerant genotypes. Seven rice genotypes including 3 check varieties were evaluated in these experiments in the drought prone environments of the farmers’ field. Drought stress was initiated four weeks after transplanting through proper draining of water from the field up to maturity. In the field of drought stress condition, the highest grain yield (4.1 t/ha) was found in IR82635-B-B-145-1 followed by IR82635-B-B-75-2 (3.8 t/ha) while the yield of check varieties ranged from 2.9-3.6 t/ha. According to drought tolerance indices analysis, the lines IR82635-B-B-145-1 introduced as tolerant genotypes that selecting for improved yield in stress condition.

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