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Conventional switched mode power supplies have high efficiency but low power factor which causes electromagnetic interface (EMI) problems. Designers improve power factor of these supplies with the help of power factor correction (PFC) circuitry. The function of the circuit is to force the converter to look like a resistive load to the line. In this paper, a single stage power factor correction using bridgeless Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC) has been proposed. The performance of the proposed converter is compared with the conventional boost, bridgeless boost and conventional IBC. Simulations of the circuit configuration of all three topologies are performed in MATLAB/SIMULINK. A comparative evaluation for all the topologies is presented in terms of supply current Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Distortion Factor (DF) and supply Power Factor (PF). Hardware prototype of the proposed bridgeless IBC for power factor correction is developed to validate the results.

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