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The kinetic study was monitored via pseudo- first order condition using uv-1800 Shimadzu spectrophotometer at 525nm. Standardization of KMnO4 was carried out in acidified Ferrous ammonium sulphate. The kinetics showed first order dependence with respect to [oxidant], [ketone] and fractional order with respect to [OH-]. However, it is unaffected by ionic strength of the solution. Michaelis-menten kinetics showed the presence of an intermediate complex and the addition of acrylonitrile solution to the reaction mixture did not show polymerization, indicating absence of free radicals. Same values of ΔG# indicates common mechanism. Activation parameters were evaluated from Arrhenius and Erying’s equation. A scheme and rate law is proposed.

Potassium permanganate
Sodium hydroxide
2-Pentanone and Potassium nitrate