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Kinetics of alcohol oxidation by chloropentamine cobalt(III) chloride in NaOH medium was investigated. The rate was first order with respect to [oxidant] and [alcohol] and zero order in [OH-]. Variation of ionic strength did not have any significant influence on the rate of oxidation, indicating that a non-ionic specie is involved in the rate limiting step. Addition of reaction mixture to aqueous acrylonitrile solution did not initiate polymerization, showing absence of free radicals. Michaelis-menten plot showed the presence of an intermediate complex. Oxidation products were identified from spectral studies and Rf values. Activation parameters were evaluated from the values obtained from temperature studies. Therefore, based on the kinetic results, reaction stoichiometry and oxidation products, a suitable mechanism was proposed.

Chloropentamine cobalt(III) chloride
Kinetics and Mechanism