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The Q-index is the index-number of the solar activity. The study deals with the connection between solar flare activity featured by Q-index and light trap catch of eight Microlepidoptera and twenty two Macrolepidoptera species from a Becse-type light-trap. Nine species were collected in connection with the increasing the high values of the Q-index, but decrease were observed in case of fourteen species. It can be experienced in seven cases the increase of the catch after the decrease of it if the values of the Q-index is high. The results can be written down with second- or third-degree
polynomials. Our results proved that the daily catches were significantly modified by the Q-index, expressing the different lengths and intensities of the solar flares. The different form of behaviour, however, is not linked to the taxonomic position. Further testing will be required to fuller explanation of the results.

taxonomic position.
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