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Background: Medical, dental and pharmacy students play an important role in maintenance of oral health care and promotion. Learning and practicing in these fields becomes ineffective unless there is a profound change in student’s behavior and attitude towards improvement of their personal oral health


Objective: To assess the attitude towards oral health care of medical, dental and pharmacy students of Narayana Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Colleges, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Materials and methods: A cross-sectional survey was organized comprising of 264 students, out of which 135 were medical, 85 were dental and 44 were pharmacy students.Hiroshima University-Dental Behaviour Inventory (HU-DBI) questionnaires were used to assess their attitudes towards oral health.


Results: Medical, dental and pharmacy students presented a mean HU-DBI score of 7.18, 8.97 and 3.95 respectively and the difference was statistically significant among them.


Conclusion: The present study concludes that dental students has better attitude towards personal oral health care when compared to medical and pharmacy students. This may be attributed to the extra knowledge of oral health care and associated diseases attained by the dental students.


Short title: Is education related to oral health behavior

Dental students
Oral health knowledge
Medical students
Pharmacy students
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