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An endeavor has been made to analyze the performance of a ferro fluid based squeeze film in rotating rough curved circular plates resorting to Shliomis model. The stochastic model of Christenson and Tonder has been deployed here to evaluate the effect of surface roughness. The associated stochastically averaged Reynolds type equation is solved to obtain the pressure distribution culminating in the calculation of load carrying capacity. The results show that Shliomis model based ferrofluid lubrication is relatively better as compared to the Neuringer- Rosensweig model for magnetic fluid lubrication of this type of bearing system. The adverse effect of roughness can be reduced considerably at least in the case of negatively skewed roughness with a suitable choice of curvature parameters. Further, by making a proper choice of rotational parameter .it is observed that this type of bearing system supports some amount of load even when there is no flow, unlike the case of conventional lubricants.


Squeeze film
Curved circular plates
Magnetic Fluid
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