Carib.J.Sci Tech.,(2016) Volume.4

1 Peripheral ossifying fibroma with calcification -A case report: Dr. Tanay V. Chaubal, Dr. Arvind Shetty, Dr.Ranjeet Bapat, Dr. Devanand Shetty, Dr. Suyog Dharmadhikari 872-876
2 Comparative Proximate Analyses of Pterocarpus santalinoides and Ficus carpensis Leaves from Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria: P. M. Aja, C. Uguru, Onuoha Maxwell Chijioke, N. Ogbu Patience, O.L Nweke and Ali Ikechukwu A. 877-881
3 Hepato-protective Effect of Ethanol Extract of Pterocarpus santalinoides Leaf on Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) Induced Albino Rats: P.M. Aja, N. L. Ezeudeh, B. G. Umahi, P.C. Ugwu-Okechukwu., O. C. Enechi, O.L. Nweke and N. Ogbu Patience 882-895
4 HPLC and UV Spectrophotometric estimation of Itopride in Pharmaceutical Formulations: Sk. Jabeer, P.Srinivasa Rao, U. Sambasiva Rao, Sk.Janbee & JUM Rao: 896-903
5 Genetic Variability and Selection Criteria of Drought Tolerant Rice (Oryza sativa L.): Bishnu Pada Ray  904-913
 6  Metacognitive awareness of tertiary level Chemistry studentsDr.S.Amutha, A.Sudha  914-919
7 Bianchi Type III Cosmological models with strange Quark matter attached to string cloud in Brans-Dicke Theory of gravitation and general theory of relativity: V R Chirde,* V P Kadam 920-930
8 Kinetics of Oxidation of Alcohols by Chloropentamine Cobalt(Iii) Chloride in NaOH medium. A Mechanistic study: Latona Dayo Felix*,Dada Adewumi Oluwasogo 931-938
9 Kinetics and Mechanism of KMnO4 oxidation of three ketones in NaoH mediumLatona D.F, 939-947
10 Current prevalence of Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus health centers in Enugu state, NigeriaOghene B., Ajayi A. O., Ubaka A and Oluyide T. O. 948-950
11 Formulation and evaluation of hydrogel based nano crystals of QuetiapineKhanage Shantaram *, Mohite Popat, Pandhare Ramdas, Deshmukh Vinayak, Tarawade Sonali 951-962
12 Effect of Blanching on the Proximate and Sensory Qualities of the Aerial Yam Composite CookiesRita Elsie Sanful*, Edward Ken Essuman 963-968
13 Common natural waves in dissipative inhomogeneous Plane Bodies: Safarov Ismail Ibrahimovich*, Akhmedov Maqsud Sharipovich, Radjabov Ozod Isroilovich, Atoyev Amon Borotovich 969-982
14 Dark energy models in the form of wet dark fluid in f(R,T) gravityA.Y.Shaikh 983-991
15 Preparation and Characterization of Cefadroxil Monohydrate solid Dispersion by using hydrophilic carrier gaur Gum:  *Mohite P. B. , Khanage S.G., Pandhare R.B.  992-1002