Estimation of Capciacin content in different Red Chilli varieties by UV – Spectrophotometer

Author: B.Krupa Karuna Vani

The major  focus of the present study was to estimation and comparison of capsaicinoids in different verities of Chillies samples. For this, popular agricultural verities of Chiili (Ellachipur sannam, Kashmir chilli, Byadagi, Gutnur sannam, Hindupur variety, Birds eye chilli, Jwala) samples has been collected. The grounded chilli samples were subjected to soxhlet extraction with tetrahydrofuran as a solvent. Measurements of the concentration of capsaicin in the extracts were evaluated through their absorbencies measured on λ=280nm by UV spectrophotometer. The amount of capsaicin in sample extracts was calculated using the following equation (y = 0.755x + 0.047). Among the seven verities of chilli samples Birds Eye Chilli (0.71%), Jwala (0.61%) verities were found high yield of Capsaicinoid and Byadagi (0.22%), Hindpur (0.21%) verities were found less in capsaicinoid quantity.

Download: B.Krupa Karuna Vani, Carib.j.SciTech, 2017, Vol.5, 025-031