Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) <p>Caribbean Journal of Science and Technology (CJST) is a half yearly (from 2022), international, open access, and peer Review Journal. CJST is committed to multidisciplinary subjects related to biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, and all technological sciences. CJST publishes manuscripts including Original research, Review articles, Mini-reviews and Short communications on original work either hypothetical or experimental.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> ChemBio International en-US Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) 0799-3757 Studies toward the total synthesis of (+)-Discodermolide: Desymmetrization approach <p>A new synthetic strategy for the construction of C-1 to C-7 and C-8 to C-15 subunits of (+)-discodermolide, a highly potent anticancer natural product, is reported in which we have exploited desymmetrization approach to create six stereogenic centers at once and stigmatic elements of the successful methodology include elaboration of two advanced fragments from a common precursor.</p> Narsimhaswamy Dubasi Ravi Varala Copyright (c) 2022 Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 28 35 10.55434/CBI.2022.10105 Synthesis and characterization of New Schiff base derived from 2-amino-5-(substitutedphenyl) thiadiazole, substituted aromatic aldehyde and acetyl acetone <p>New Schiff base have been synthesized. Schiff bases are all synthesized from 2-amino-5-(substituted phenyl)thiadiazole, substituted aromatic aldehyde and acetyl acetone. In this steps silica supported AlCl<sub>3</sub> catalyst is used at reflux temperature. The New Schiff base were characterized by IR, <sup>1</sup>H NMR, Mass spectroscopy study.</p> Shyam Ibatte Copyright (c) 2022 Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) 2022-05-14 2022-05-14 10 1 09 15 Removal of Methyl Red Dye Effectively Using Sorbents Obtained from Bark and Leaf of Erythrina Indica <p>Dyes entering wastewaters affect both the aquatic creatures and humankind because they are toxic while also carcinogenic. As this is a trouble-free yet effective process, the adsorption system technology is being extensively employed to remove colours all from aqueous solutions for years. We investigated the use of &lt;em&gt;Erythrina indica&lt;/em&gt; (EI) leaf powder, bark powder, leaf ash and bark ash for the adsorption of methyl red dye (MRD) from aqueous samples for its first time. The %MRD clearance using EI leaf powder, EI leaf ash, EI bark powder and EI bark ash displayed that the optimal condition of MRD clearance happened at pH unit of 4, 100 ppm concentration of MRD, sorbent dose at 1.4 gm/l, 27 &lt;sup&gt;o&lt;/sup&gt;C temperature, and mechanical shaker agitation speed of 100 rpm. The best equilibration times for greatest percentile MRD removal were 105 minutes with EI leaf powder, EI leaf ash, EI bark powder and EI bark ash. The leaf and bark powder of EI and leaf and bark ash of EI can be considered an alternative feedstock in eliminating MRD in aqueous system because of its strong biosorption capacity and low cost, according to this study.</p> Venkata Kishore Chukka Swarnalatha K Venkata Ramana kokkiligadda Hari Babu Bollikolla Copyright (c) 2022 Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) 2022-05-26 2022-05-26 10 1 20 27 10.55434/CBI.2022.10104 Status of Pharmaceutical Patents during COVID-19 Pandemic <p>Authors focused on the complex scenario of Covid-19 and necessity of vaccines around the globe. They have emphasized the urge for patent waiver/out-licensing to combat pandemics like covid-19 efficiently and also discussed a way forward for making available vaccines to the end user effectively, quickly until herd immunity is attained.</p> Ravi Varala Narsimhaswamy Dubasi Sudhakar Madhavedi Copyright (c) 2022 Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) 2022-05-14 2022-05-14 10 1 16 19 10.55434/CBI.2022.10103 Biological Activities of Hispolon <p>Natural products are a great source for the discovery of new chemotherapeutic agents. Phenolic compounds are significant natural products, mostly from the source of microorganisms and plants. Among fungi, mushrooms are not only the source of nutrients but also many bioactive components. In this paper, the authors made a comprehensive review of the biological activities of hispolon. The biological activities like anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial are possessed by hispolon. Along with anti-tuberculosis properties, hispolon exhibited effectiveness in the treatment of metabolic disorders and functional as immunomodulators.</p> Jayaprakash Kolla Haribabu Bollikolla Copyright (c) 2022 Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology (CJST) 2022-03-31 2022-03-31 10 1 1 8 10.55434/CBI.2022.10101