Micro Level Study of Soil Degradation in Krishna Canal Command Area (Maharashtra) Using Geospatial Techniques


  • Sagar P. Mali
  • Sachin S. Panhalkar
  • Sunil B. Patil
  • C. T. Pawar


Soil degradation due to waterlogging and salinazation in sugarcane zone of western Maharashtra is a serious problem. Here an attempt has been made to assess the problem of the salt affected and waterlogged areas by preparing an inventory using GIS techniques. The study area is 3 rd Segment of Krishna Canal command which is situated in Walwa and Palus taluka of Sangli district of Maharashtra State. Study area comprises 4092 hectare area land of 11 villages and 1792 agricultural Plots. Elevation, ECe, pH and water table surface map were generated by using Spatial Analysis tool. Risk zonation area is demarcated by using the critical limits given by Irrigation Research Division (IRD), Pune. Water table surface was intersected with survey plots and village boundary layers and prioritization of plots and villages were carried out according to intensity of water logging problem. The analysis reveals that there are many problems arising in Krishna canal command area. About 199 hectare area out off 4092 hectares is under risk of waterlogging. Hence, four priority zones have been prepared to implement the soil reclamation measures such as agronomical, chemical and biological.


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P. Mali, S., S. Panhalkar, S., B. Patil, S., & Pawar, C. T. (2013). Micro Level Study of Soil Degradation in Krishna Canal Command Area (Maharashtra) Using Geospatial Techniques. Caribbean Journal of Sciences and Technology, 1(1), 160–165. Retrieved from https://caribjscitech.com/index.php/cjst/article/view/100



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